The Olentangy Stix is the largest and longest-running travel baseball organization in the Olentangy Local School District. Our organization is built upon the premise of providing a fun and rewarding experience while developing players for high school baseball. Our program consists of teams at multiple skills levels at every age group. As the travel baseball arm of O.Y.A.A., we pride ourselves on being a true community-based organization that supports all four of our community's high schools.

Our Mission

The Olentangy Stix baseball program provides an opportunity for kids in the Olentangy community to develop the mental and physical attributes necessary to be competitive athletes at the high school level and beyond. We want to field the most competitive community-based travel teams at each age group and skill level; and we focus on doing it at a reasonable cost to our families. While our goal is to play great baseball, we want our program to build unity within the Olentangy school district. Our approach is grounded in values that support our kids reaching their full potential; both on and off the field. We believe in building character, rewarding hard work, demanding accountability, and promoting a competitive environment.

Why choose Stix Travel Baseball?

Our program is built to develop kids at multiple skill levels and to support kids throughout the development process.

  • Each age group has multiple teams based upon current skill level.  Our most competitive teams compete against the best competition in the state. Our developmental teams play a varied schedule against teams appropriate for their development. Each year we reassess our teams and place kids at a level that best suits their development.
  • We form as many competitive teams as we can per age group. Each year this depends on how many qualified kids try out and how many qualified coaches we have. Typically, the number of teams range from 2-4 per age group.

We believe in supporting our community and strive to support all four of our high school baseball programs.

  • We support the entire Olentangy school district and all four of our high schools. As stakeholders in our program, we look to engage our high school coaches and want them to have a voice in our program.
  • We do not assemble teams by the geography of a neighborhood or single high school. We take neighborhood politics out of the equation.

Our system and approach is focused on player development and preparing kids for high school baseball.

  • All of our teams have access to the same training and clinics. We give all of our teams the same opportunity for development; including winter workouts that are included with registration fees.
  • Our coaching guidelines include a focus on development at multiple positions. We believe this best prepares them for high school opportunities.

We believe that a successful youth baseball program provides a rewarding experience and leaves lasting memories for our players and our families.

  • Our 12U teams are strongly encouraged to go to Cooperstown. This is a great experience and we make it available to every 12U player.
  • Our travel Council also reviews coaches' performance and conduct after each season. We expect our coaches to provide a great experience for our kids - both on and off the field.