Olentangy Stix Tryouts - 2022 Season

We have multiple teams at each age group, generally separated by skill level, so that each player gets the most from their experience.  Our teams are Stix Black, Stix Blue, and Stix White.

Each team, regardless of skill level, focuses on a combination of skill development and competition.

Teaching kids to compete at a higher level is a focus of all of our teams – the primary difference between teams and age groups is the degree of competition, as well as minor philosophical differences described below.


Stix-Black teams are considered Elite level teams and expected to compete with elite level travel teams.  Team selection is focused on assembling the most competitive team, expected to compete with the top teams in the area.

Players on these teams are expected to meet the following qualifications:

  • Prioritize baseball during the months of March through mid July without any missed practices or game due to other sports.
  • Have proven mental and physical success in at least 2 core areas of the game vs. high end community based and/or elite level competition.

Stix-Blue & White

Stix Blue and White teams are structured with a primary focus on development and teams are assembled to best facilitate the development of players.

We place a special emphasis on scheduling opponents and tournaments that appropriately reflect the team’s skill level and to best facilitate the development of players.  As a general rule of thumb, Blue/White teams tend to have more of a focus on getting players experience at multiple positions, more consistent playing time, and generally putting players in positions to develop their overall skills and prepare them for high school baseball.


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