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2020 Season Olentangy Stix Tryouts

Information about Stix Tryout Process and Times will be announced in the Spring of 2019.

2019 Olentangy Stix Tryout Results

2019 Stix Tryout Results: Updated 7/26 @ 11:11 PM

All 8U-17U Teams are now complete.  Thank you to everyone for your patience and participation!

Team Updates posted here as teams are completed.

8U: Team is Complete: 2019 8U

9U: 3 Teams (All Teams Complete); 2019 9U

10U: 3 Teams (All Teams Complete): 2019 10U

11U: 3 Teams (All Teams Complete): 2019 11U

12U: 2 Teams (Both Teams Complete): 2019 12U

13U: 2 Teams (Both Teams Complete): 2019 13U

14U: 1 Team (Complete): 2019 14U

15U: 2 Teams (Both Teams Complete): 2019 15U

16U: 1 Team (Complete)

17U: 1 Team (Complete)

Tryout Information

For which age group do I register my player?
Here are the guidelines for the age group maximum that your young player should sign up for, we do have some players that play “up” to the next age group. For the 2020 season:

8U: Player cannot turn 9 before May 1st, 2020.

9U : Player cannot turn 10 before May 1st, 2020.

10U: Player cannot turn 11 before May 1st, 2020.

11U: Player cannot turn 12 before May 1st, 2020.

12U: Player cannot turn 13 before May 1st, 2020.

13U: Player cannot turn 14 before May 1st, 2020.

14U: Player cannot turn 15 before May 1st, 2020.

15U: Player cannot turn 16 before May 1st, 2020.

Q&A for Tryouts

OYAA sponsors a travel baseball program for kids living in the Olentangy school district, ages 8-17. Our program is called Olentangy Stix Baseball and we have anywhere from 1-3 teams in each age group.

Our task is to identify the most skilled players at their age to play against the best competition in the area. Our goal is to develop quality players for our high school programs. By having more than 1 team at each age group it allows us to work with each player to develop talent and increase enjoyment.

Q. My son is a returning player and has played in the program, does that count at all in addition to this annual tryout?

A. Your son will be rated by his current coach in the same areas that we look for in a tryout. Arm strength, fielding infield and outfield, hitting, pitching and catching as applicable. Coaches will also make notes on intangibles like baseball IQ, attitude, and more. That data will be used as a very large part of the selection process to place the player on the right team. We will match that to tryout numbers to see the player’s ranking with others as well as an additional data point in the process.

Q. How much travel is involved in “travel baseball”?

A. Many of our teams compete in the Central Ohio Youth Baseball League, which is comprised of teams in or around Columbus. However, some teams play in several tournaments which can involve overnight travel.  Teams at younger ages typically will have 1-2 overnight tournaments.

Q. Is travel baseball for everyone?

A. Travel baseball by design is very competitive and is not comparable to other organized baseball league options. It requires more time, money and a greater commitment. Kids develop at different ages, so we want to be as inclusive as possible, but sometimes young athletes are not quite ready for the competitive level, therefore, OYAA has other options available.

Q. What is the time commitment?

A. Most teams start with indoor workouts in January, maybe a couple of times a month until the season starts in April. It is unusual for the season to extend pass July 10th. It is of course up to the coach, but typically a couple of games are played per week, along with practices as needed. Please consult the Central Ohio Youth Baseball League ( web site to read about some of our teams, see who they played, and how many games. The average season is about 30-40 games, or close to 50 when you get to 12U and up.

We absolutely respect and support kids playing other sports, except during baseball season, when we expect the player to be at practices and games. Travel baseball is very compatible with hockey, OYAA football, basketball, and fall soccer.

Q. What does it cost?

A. The fees should be between $500-$700 for the year. Fees for next year have not been set, but this is a reasonable estimate. Uniform costs are additional and will be determined by the travel council and respective team coach.  There will be a uniform fitting and deadlines for ordering towards the end each calendar year.

Q. Who are the coaches?

A. Anyone interested in being a head coach is asked to submit a coaching resume which will be reviewed by the Travel Baseball Council. Once chosen, his son (only) is on the team. The vast majority of our head coaches have played baseball at a very competitive level and coached a number of years. Assistant coaches will be chosen by the coach, based on the kids selected for the team. Anyone interested in being the head coach of a team should contact the Travel Council via the web site. We will name Coaches as best we can before the tryout process, but in some cases as a volunteer program that is not always possible. We will not use coaching as a way to guarantee a spot for a player on a team.

Q. When are tryouts?

A. Exact dates & times will be announced on our web site. Hitting, running, throwing, and fielding skills will all be evaluated. Within the COYBL league in which we play, there are different divisions based on how competitive the teams think they will be. If your son is chosen for a team, that team will play against teams of about equal talent.

Q. What age group can my son play in?

A. Whatever age your son is on May 1, is the age group in which he would be eligible. If your son would like to tryout for an older age group, he may do so, but must tryout for both.

Travel baseball is a wonderful way to learn the game at an accelerated pace playing with and against the most skilled players in Central Ohio. Good coaching emphasizing fundamentals through practices and games, sharp uniforms, and lots of fun are what make our organization among the best!

Q. Does the Middle School aged travel player play for their Middle School team?

A.  Starting with the 2013 season, we decided to allow each coach to make this decision with their parents. Usually Travel players do not play for their MS programs but we encourage Travel players to attend all MS/HS workouts as applicable. After all, our goal is to get the kids to their HS program. We continue to develop our relationships with the Middle School programs and also their High School programs as well.